The Birth (Mawlid) of the Prophet (SAWS)

Celebrating the birth of our beloved Prophet ﷺ has been a custom of Muslim communities ever since the time of the Companions. To celebrate and commemorate his birth is to ultimately show thanks and gratitude to God for sending him ﷺ to us as a mercy. Read more… 

Tasawwuf is the heart of Islam and its foundation.

Tasawwuf is the heart of Islam and its foundation. It is based on Qur’an and Sunnah and is the way of purification of soul and acquiring of Prophetic Akhlaq (or comportment, manners, characteristics and behavior). The water of cleansing the soul is formed by the combination of Zikr Allah (swt) and Salat ‘Ala Rasool Allah (saws)

Stand with the Haqq, abandon the Batel. The message of Imam Husayn’s Sacrifice

“Among the believers are Men, who delivered their promise to Allah” (Ayah 23/Surat Al-Ahzab)

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Allah Is Powerful Over Everything

Reflect, ‘Allah is powerful over everything. Whatever Mercy Allah opens to men, none can withhold and whatever He withholds none can loose after Him. He is the All-­‐Mighty, the All-­‐Wise. 0 humans remember Allah’s grace upon you; is there any creator apart from Allah who provides for you from the heavens and the earth?’ {35:2-­‐3}.

From the earth is your self {nafs} but from heaven is your heart {qalb}. If anything descends from the heavens to the earth, who is he that will turn it away other than Allah? ‘He knows what penetrates into the earth, and what comes forth from it, what comes down from sky and what goes up in it. He is with you wherever you are and Allah sees what you do.’ {57:4}