About ISRA

ISRA is a movement that began in the United States. It is working to revive the totality of deen. It is founded on the affirmation that Allah (swt) is One, Muhammad (saws) is His final Prophet and the religion of Islam has three dimensions: Islam, Iman and Ihsaan. It promotes the love of Allah (swt) and the love of Rasool Allah (saws) as ways of purifying one’s heart from objects other than Allah.

About Al-Mi’raj Magazine

It is with a deep sense of gratefulness to Allah (swt)and appreciation to the readers of ISRA Newsletter; we (ISRA) are embarking on a new journey of becoming a full-­‐fledged electronic spiritual Islamic magazine of ISRA. The magazine will speak for ISRA and will become the voice of the silent Muslim majority of the world insha Allah. At present this Muslim majority feels under siege from forces of extremism, violence, hate, rejection, intolerance, division, and domination.