ISRA Remembers Sidi Abdul Lateef Noor Upshaw: His Legacy lives

It was on Wednesday September 25, 2013 corresponding to Zul Qadah 19, 1434 H at 10:15 AM in Albuquerque, New Mexico, with heavy heart and immense grief ISRA announced the passing of Sidi Abdul Lateef Noor Upshaw after a prolonged illness. Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Ilayhee Raji’un. 

Noor Upshaw was one of ISRA’S humble leaders and a silent servant of the Ummah of Prophet Muhammad (saws). Sidi Noor served voluntarily as the Technical Director of ISRA’s website and portal and also led as the Creative Project Manager for ISRA’s future projects. In addition he founded with his wife Mariam two media related private companies namely The Skinnycamel Studio and Among his survivors are his loving wife Sister Mariam Upshaw of New Mexico.

Sidi Noor had his education at University of Texas at Austin and at the University of Spiritual Healing and Sufism in USA. He was a committed Muslim and a practicing member of the Shadhili Sufi Tariqa. He firmly believed in ISRA’s vision of the spiritual revival of Islam based on the Hadith of Jibreel (as). Sidi Noor was responsible for the successful re launching of ISRA’s popular website in 2009, resulting in tremendous increase in worldwide viewer traffic in more than 100 countries. With his dedication and focus along with other team members he succeeded in making ISRA’s website as one of the top 10 Islamic websites in America. Among his accomplishments was the launching of ISRA’s first Global Cyber Mawlid webcast which was watched by several thousands of global viewers for a period of two weeks. 

In a statement ISRA’s servant and President Sidi Zayn Al Abedin had paid tribute to him by saying that the Ummah has lost a pure and loving soul and a spiritual visionary and his passing is an immense loss which is hard to be filled soon. Today on the seventh anniversary of his heavenly departure, ISRA feels incomplete without him. Today, ISRA keeps his memory and legacy alive by working on his creative projects thru which he wanted to make Tasawwuf based Islam become a major worldwide trend of human unity and dignity.
We ask Allah to raise his ranks in Jannah, grant him proximity in His abode of Mercy and abundant peace and patience to his family, friends and relatives. Aameen ! Recite Al-Fatiha