ISRA pays tribute to Shaykh Nooruddeen Durkee

His translation and transliteration of the Holy Qur’an known as the Tajwidi Qur’an in American English became one of the most acclaimed works of excellence among American translations of the Holy Qur’an.

His masterly translation and transliteration of the Ahzab (litanies, prayers, or orisons), transmitted by Shaykh Abul Hasan Al-Shadhili (RAA), named as “Orisons, Volume 1, of the school of Shadhdhuliyyah” or Orisons, is one of the most valuable transmission of the most authentic Islamic Sufi spirituality in English.

It contains an exhaustive introduction of the practices, aided by charts and illustrations. It was followed by “Origins (Volume 2) of the School of Shadhdhuliyya”. Not to forget the 99 spiritual books, booklets, and short treaties, written and edited by him. These writings laid the foundation of the revival of the Ihsanic vision and the science of Tasawwuf among the Muslims in North America and abroad. 

Among his legacies is the Shadhili Zawiyah, also known as The Islamic Study Center, which he established in Charlottesville, Virginia. It stands today as a testimony of his love for the weak and the oppressed and empathy for the orphans and refugees in the Sufi tradition. It is a place
where the poor, the hungry, the orphans, the refugees and the students receive help, food, love and care. And the seekers of knowledge learn by the Prophetic example in an atmosphere of hope, love, companionship, and spiritual joy.

Shaykh Nooruddeen had a special love for ISRA and its family and considered it to be his own extended family. He publicly declared his support for ISRA and its work on many occasions and worked closely with its endeavors. As such, the entire ISRA family expresses its profound grief and sorrow over his passing and prays to Allah (swt), asking to grant Shaykh Nooruddeen a special place in His Abode of Mercy (Jawar-ur-
Rahmah) and bless him with His Qurb (proximity) in Jannat Al-Firdows. And to bestow him the company of the beloved of Allah, Sayyidina Muhammad Mustafa (Sallal-lahu ‘Alayhee Wa Sallam), and the Awliyya and Saliheen.

ISRA shares the profound grief and sorrow of his loss with all members of his family.Particularly with Shaykha Hajjah Noura Durkee and Hajjah Amr Rasheed, and all of their children, his students and community members. ISRA humbly asks Allah (swt) to grant them and us the most beautiful patience (sabr) and strength to be able to go through and
bear this immense loss.

Inna Lillahi Wa Inna Ilayhee Raji’un
*ISRA is a movement that began in the United States. It is working to revive the totality of Deen. Our vision is based on the famous Hadith of Jibreel (AS). [Sahih Muslim]. As explained by the Prophet (saws) in this Hadith, Deen is based on the affirmation that Allah (swt) is One, Muhammad (saws) is His final Prophet and the religion of Islam has three dimensions, Al-Islam (Fiqh), Al- Iman (Aqidah) and Al- Ihsaan (Tazkiyyah-Tasawwuf).  We promotes the love of Allah (swt) and the love of Rasool Allah (saws) as ways of purifying one’s heart from objects other than Allah and strive for sincerity in worship. 

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