Remembering The Days of Allah

And teach them to remember the Days of Allah.” Verily in this there are Signs for such as are firmly patient and constant, grateful and appreciative. {Quran 14:5)
Quran commentators offer various interpretations for the notion of “ayyamil-lah, the days of Allah.” The “Days of Allah” is a spiritual state of the heart. A state of being in which we are enabled to bring the best out of us in pursuing  the acts of goodness in serving the human cause.

The prophetic hadiths mentioned below from, Sahih Bukhari, which states that the prophet gave a definition for the “days of Allah” as being “the bounties of Allah. “ In addition another prophetic hadith according to the renowned Quran commentator, Zamakhshari, who states that, on the authority of Ibn Abbas, the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) said that “the days of Allah are His Blessings and His trials”

Accordingly, we have two meanings in reference to the “days of Allah” offered by Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), according to Sahih Bukhari, and Zamakhshari. And these two meanings are, “Bounties as well as Trials.

These are hadiths reporting that our prophet (peace be upon him) has told that the “Days of Allah” means the grace (favors) of Allah and days of reflection.

Muharram al-Haraam is the first month of Islamic Hijri calendar in which Allah (swt) has stored many Days of Allah. They are worthy of special worship, Dhikr, reflection and appreciation.

  1. Muharram 1. is the first day of the Islamic Hijri New Year. This is year 1442 H
  2. It is the anniversary of the great migration of the Prophet (saws) from Makkah to Madinah which paved way for the spread and victory of Divine message of Islam
  3. Muharram 10, is the day of voluntary fasting in which Allah saved Moses from the Egyptians.
  4. Muharram 10, is also the day of reflection and remembrance of the sacrifice of the Shahadah of Imam Al-Husayn, the beloved grandson of Prophet (saws) with his family and companions in order to safeguard and revive the noble message of Islam.
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