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Sufi Book of Islam And The Salat Postures With Audio Instructions



Miracles [Mu’jizaat] of Rasoolullah [Allah Blessings Upon him] -PDF
by Khateeb & Imam, Qari Dr. Mir Omar Ali, Qadri, Abul-'ulaai

No Mawdoo’ [Fabricated] Hadeeth or Aathar are included in this book. Saheeh [Rigorously Authenticated] and Hasan [Authentic] Hadeeths are included. If a Sanad is Da'eef [Weakly authenticated],another Sanad or multiple Sanads are given to strengthen it to Hasan or similar as per the rules of Hadeeth. This is as per the Arabic preface of Mujaddid Imam Jalaluddin Abdur-Rahman al-Suyuti’s [R], al-Khasaais al-Kubra. The classification of Imam Nooruddin al-Haythami’s [R] Hadeeth encyclopedia, Majma’-uz-Zawaaid [in Arabic] is used when the Hadeeth is quoted from it. Most of the contents of this book are from the above two references.





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