ISRA President takes the Message of ISRA to DC and Moncks Corner.


ISRA President takes the Message of ISRA to DC and Moncks Corner.

Mainstream Muslims Need to Counter The Crisis Of Misunderstanding Islam

January 8, 2010

The founder and president of ISRA al-Ustadh Sayyed Zayn al Abedin was invited to deliver the Khutbah and lead the Jumauh prayer at Medina Center in Potomac Maryland in the Greater Washington, DC area. Addressing a packed Masjid Sidi Zayn talked about the crisis of misunderstanding Islam which has engulfed the whole world. Describing the severity of this crisis he called it a two prong crisis. On one hand he said there are non Muslims who think that the religion of Islam itself is the cause of the violence and senseless bloodshed carried out by misguided Muslims . And on the other hand Muslims themselves do not understand the fullest and true meaning of Deen. Quoting the Holy Qur'an he said Allah has declared "Religion or Deen in Allah's view is Islam or submission" {3:19}.

Furthermore Allah has also said :If someone desires other than submission (or Islam) as a deen (or religion) it will not be accepted of him and he will be amomg losers in the hereafter. {3:85}

Citing the mother of all hadiths namely the Hadith of Jibreel (a.s) as the best explanation of deen , he said Allah gave utmost importance to teach the Sahaba first and then through them to all Muslims forever to come the fullest meaning of deen.He specially sent Jibreel who came to the holy Prophet (saws) in human form and asked three questions about what is Islam ? what is Iman and what is Ihasan? For which the Prophet provided answewrs which Jibreel confirmed to be true.This event was so dramatic that it became a living memory for the people of Madinah. When Jibreel left the Prophet asked Umar (raa) who the man was ? And Umar replied Allah and His Messenger know the best. Then the Holy Prophet informed that It was jibreel who came to teach you your deen or religion. By saying so the Prophet emphasized that Deen has three dimensions namely Islam, Iman and Ihasan. And he also emphasized that Jibreel had come to teach the sahaba their religion and not to teach himself. The confirmation Jibreel gave was only to give witness to the sahaba that the Prophet had truthfully disclosed the fullness of deen to them as he ( jibreel) himself had delivered Allah's teachings to the Holy Prophet (saws).

Unfortunately today he said a defective, deformed and deviated version of Islam which is truncated and disconnected from its intellectual and spiritual history and tradition is being vigourously promoted which has reduced it to become a one or two dimensional political ideology. Muslims will suffer until all three dimensions are not practiced. Islam and Iman without purification of heart (Ihsan) will not be enough to put Islam back on track . His Khutbah was received with great enthusiasm and admiration.

Adressing a large gathering at the two day Mustafawiya Conference organized by Shaykh Harun Al Faqir Faye and the Fuqara of Moncks Corner which was held on January 29-30 at Moncks Corner Sidi Zayn said that the message of ISRA is to revive Islam in its fullness. The mesaage is based on the Hadith of jibreel and its motivation is based upon the love of Allah(swt) and the Love of Rasool Allah (saws).

Citing the points that he covered in the DC Khutbah he said that like a three leg table can not stand on two legs and a three cylinder car can not run too far on two cylinders similiarly a one or two dimensional Islam will result in horrible consequences some of which we are already witnessing in the senseless killing carried out in the name of Islam. The time of silence and truce has ended he said. Muslims will have to clearly and boldly reject the misunderstanding of Islam. They should not be fooled by the empty slogans of unity which are used to silence the majority of Muslim community. There can not be any unity in the defiance and disobedience of the Shari'ah he declared. His talk was received with great appreciation.

ISRA-DC Chapter To Reorganize

January 8, 2010

ISRA president Sayyed Zayn Al Abedin was invited to address members and supporters of ISRA during his visit to Washington DC area. Sidi Zain attended a blessed gathering of Dhikr in Bethesda Maryland conducted by members of Qadiri Boutshishi tariqa in the DC area.During the gathering he addressed the members and supporters of ISRA to dedicate themselves for a complete and total revival of Islam based on Islam, iman and Ihsan. He told the group that mainstream Islam in North america is facing serious challenges. The efforts to cut off the ummah from its intellectual heritage and the spiritual repository is a very serious challenge. He said ISRA is working hard to restore totality of deen. Dhikr of Allah and Salawaat on Rasul Allah are our means of cultivating the Love of Allah and his Messenger in our lives. After this talk the gathering unanimously offered their support to the cause of ISRA. Later on Sidi Pervaiz Bhatti was asked to lead the DC-ISRA group which he accepted.Plans are underway for starting new activities in the DC area.

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