Brief Biography of Hazrat Daata Gunj Bakhsh (R.A.)

imageAli bin Uthman/Usman al-Jullabi al-Ghaznawi al-Hujweri, popularly known as Hazrat Daata Gunj Bakhsh (The Bestower of Treasures). He was born in the first part of the fifth century Hijri and left the world in the late part of the century. It is usually stated that Jullab and Hujwir are two places in the environs of Ghazni Afghanistan where he was born. His contemporaries included such well known personalities as Abul-Qasim al-Qushayri, Pir Abdullah Ansari and Abul-Qasim Gurgani, all leading Sufi Sheikhs of their time.

His sheikh was Hazrat Abul Fazl Muhammad bin Hassan al-Khuttali, whose spiritual lineage reaches Hazrat Junaid Baghdadi through the three intermediaries Al-Husri, An-Nasrabadi and Shibli. In the course of spiritual journey, he journeyed physically through many countries often alone and with hardship. These included Turkestan, Transoxania, Iran, Iraq and Syria. At the direction of his Sheikh, Hazrat Ali Hujweri made Lahore, Pakistan the final destination where he spent rest of his life.

He has written one of the most comprehensive and famous book on Tasawwuf, Kashful-Mahjub (The Unveiling of the Veiled). This book which has been translated in various languages gives a complete account of Sufi teachings and practices. In this book Hazrat Daata Sahib quoted his Sheikh giving him last minute advice before he left this world’ “ O my son, I tell you one article of belief which if you hold it firmly would deliver you from all the troubles; Remember under any circumstance Allah is the one who creates good or the evil, therefore do not fight, question or disagree with His action or be aggrieved in your heart since this would be going against his will”.

Hazrat Daata Sahib was the institution of spiritual teaching within himself, he converted large number of people to Islam. After his physical departure from this world, his shrine has been a centre of attraction in all ages. Without a doubt it is the most frequented of all the saintly shrines in the city of Lahore and among the most famous in Pakistan and in the nearby countries.

Article Compiled By: Dr. Nasir Waheed

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