Send a Qur'an for Peace


The world is in great pain. People are attacking other people for their beliefs. A particular incendiary threat is to "burn Qur'ans" and attack Islam as evil. This has no basis in reality and proves that the perpetrators of such thoughts/actions have hearts in need of healing. The Qur'an comes from Allah (swt) and can't be burned. The content is written in our hearts. It is a healing guidance for all the world.

Isra invites you to send a Qur'an for Peace by donating $10 per book. It is an Abdullah Yusuf Ali edition English only. We will send it to libraries, schools, prisons, state representatives and other institutions that are unaware of what the Qur'an is and what place it is in Allah's (swt) revealed guidance from Ibrahim (Abraham) through the Final Prophet Muhammad, may Allah grant him peace and blessings.


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