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isranexusIsra  announces a new service for all people seeking halal entertainment, knowledge and advertising. ISRANEXUS is an internet media group based in the US. It's mission is to provide halal content in entertainment and a market space for halal products, insha'Allah.

"America is a grand gathering of souls, the vast majority from elsewhere. The American genius lies in allowing these souls to contribute their texture to the American tradition, to add new notes to the American song." from the book "I Am an American With a Muslim Soul"

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Currently there are satellite television stations that cost millions of dollars to maintain and operate. Insha'Allah, Isra is building an online media station at a fraction of that cost. Programming will be available to computers, mobile devices and regular televison sets through streaming services.

Our vision for ISRANEXUS is to show islamic life in an everyday setting through attractive and compelling media.

There are several shows in development including Ask the Mufti (Scholar). This is a social counseling show that will focus on practical answers to personal questions such as dating, right action, handling situations in school, and other examples that make day to day life easier.

Another unique aspect of our programming is user created content. Users can upload recorded Jumaah (Friday prayers), scholar events, mawlid al nabi, celebrations and teachings. See our website for details and tutorials.

Our first major production is a celebration of the Prophet Muhammad set for February 2011.

If you would like to help develop ISRANEXUS contact us here.

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