Al-Azhar denounces the demolition of Sufi Shrines in Egypt

Al Azhar Condems Demolition

Thousands March after Juma in Cairo to condemn the salafi demolition campaign : Mufti Dr. Gomaa calls the demolitions Un Islamic and inhuman
By : ISRA world Nexus
April 2, 2011
Source : Al Ahram Daily
ā€¸Reported by: Ismail Al Fakhrani and Mohamed Abdel-Khaliq

Al-Azhar mosque witnessed a rally after Friday prayers yesterday in which a number of members of the Islamic Research Academy,religious leaders, followers of the Sufi orders and thousands of worshipers participated to condemn the demolition by the Salafis a number of shrines and tombs of Awliyya (saints) in different governorates of Egypt.

The march began from Al-Azhar Mosque and culminated at the Al- Hussein Mosque in Cairo. Where earlier Dr. Ali Gomaa, Mufti of the Republic during his Friday sermon said that the demolition of shrines is un islamic and out of the religion, reason and humanity. He pointed out that the Mosque of the Prophet peace be upon him contains the graves of Abu Bakr and Umar ibn al-Khattab. Dr. Gomaa made prayers to Allah to cut off hands of the callers of the demolition of the tomb of Imam Hussein in Cairo.

On the other hand, said Dr. Abdul Hadi Sheikh of the Association of Sufi Sheikhs, that the Sufis are very popular. And those who want to destroy the shrines are not true Salafi (in its real meaning), but are from the vaunted cult. Dr. Abdul Hadi said such that such acts would spoil the atmosphere of the revolution, brotherhood, unity and reform.

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