Shaykh Ali Gomaa Addresses the First World Conference on Tasawwuf organized by Al-Azhar University in Cairo

Sufis in Egypt Conference

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The first 3 day Global conference on Tasawwuf organized by Al-Azhar and sponsored by the grand Shaykh of Al Azhar University was inaugurated by the Grand Shaykh of Al Azhar Dr. Ahmed El Tayyeb on Saturday September 24, at the Al Azhar Conference Center in Nasr City Cairo.

The theme of the global conference is : "Sufism: an authentic way of Reform".

Addressing the the grand assembly of 300 scholars and Sufi shaykhs from 35 countries from around the world on the opening day Dr. Ali Gomaa, Grand Mufti of the Republic of Egypt said that true Tasawwuf is the path of knowledge, education and spiritual training through love and peace. Tasawwuf, he said is an approach of Islamic reform. He stressed that Tasawwuf unites and not divides and reforms not corrupts and leads to the way of Allah based on the Sunnah of His Messenger (saws). He also called on the youth to enter into the worship and obedience of Allah (swt).

‬ In his opening speech ‬ Dr. Hassan El Shafei , the representative of the Imam and Grand Sheikh of Al Azhar said that Tasawwuf is the humanitarian‬ awakening to spirituality and closeness of God in the station of Al Ihsaan. He denied that Tasawwuf is a Shiite phenomenon, rather he said it is a Sunni phenomenon taught by great imams like Hasan al-Basri.

In his remarks Dr. Abdel Fozail El-Koussi, the minister of Awqaf (Endowmwnts) said Tasawwuf touches every aspect of life and strives to remove the diseases of corruption,evil and tyranny from human society.

Sheikh Abdul Hadi Al Qosbi, the current chief of the Sufi Council of Egypt announced the reforms intended for the election of the Chief of Sufi council of Egypt. He also explained the plans to amend the law to determine the duration of the position of Sheikh of sheikhs and rules for choosing the Shayks of a Tariqa.

Sheikh Mahmoud al-Sharif head of the Association of Ashraaf (The descendants of the Prophet ) declared that people of Sufism are capable to face the tribulations and tests from all sides and face its enemies and any dangers faced by the ummah. ‮ ‬

Sheikh Mohamed Essam El-Din representative of Ashira Muhammadiyyah of Egypt said that Tasawwuf is not a doctrine or sect but that true Tasawwuf is the creed of all Muslim people and can accommodate different sects. He called upon the Sufis to purge their ranks from all that is evil.

Dr. Mohamed Al Mokhtar El Mahdi , member of the Islamic Research Academy and Shari'ah Association said that there is no real difference between true Tasawwuf, true Salafi and the world of Al Azhar as the belief and reference point of all of them is based upon following Sayyidina Muhammad (saws), the Sahaba and their followers who were seeking to achieve Taqwa.He also pointed out that prominent personalities like Sheikh Mahmoud Khattab Sobky as well as Imam Hassan El Banna the founder of the Muslim Brotherhood were Sufis.

More than 300 scholars and Sufi shaykhs ‬ from ‮ 53‬ countriesof the world participated in the conference. Dignitiries included potential candidates for the presidency of Egypt, Amr Moussa and Abdel Moneim Abul Fotouh and Minister of Culture Dr. Imad Abughaza Wad. Other participants included Mohamed Mukhtar Mahdi, leader of the Islamic Religious Society, Dr. Issam al-Aryan, Yemeni preacher Shaykh Habib Ali Al Jifri and Shaikh Abdul Razak Guessoum president of the Association of Scholars from Algeri‮.a‬ Representative of Pope Shenouda also attend the conference.

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