10 good reasons to follow the way of Allah

Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim


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Eid Mubarak to All Muslims

Ramadan 1434: July 2013


10 good reasons to follow the way of Allah

1 – You receive a spiritual initiation, and moral education (ma‘rifa).

2 – You will master the religious sciences which are a prerequisite for progress in the knowledge of Allah, His Messenger and Islam.

3 - Knowing Allah and His Acts and His Attributes. The universe is a mirror that reflects His greatness, His wisdom and His omnipotence.

4 - Getting closer to Allah and to His Messenger.

5 - Knowing the evils deeds of soul that are often more serious than the other sins.

6 - Reaching the Presence of Allah (Hadhra) and the contemplation of His beauty by watching the Universe.

7 - Attending the People of Allah, which is a Pious and a noble action.

8 - Advancing on the path to Allah with the three pillars of Iman (faith), Islam (rites) and Ihsan (Excellence).

9 - Being under the watchful eye of the Shaykh, or Muqaddam, who will help you to move forward. They will show you the “obstacles” and will remove the veils that block your view.

10 – When you constantly meet with the brothers, Allah erases sins, and helps elevate you to enjoy the love and brotherhood.

This is what you can find only in a regular tariqa, under the gaze of a living Shaykh (Murabbi). The work done in the tariqa deepens the other acts that a Muslim does every day.

Translated by Sidi Ali Al-Russi

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